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Step 1:
Before you begin, explore different sites related to wolves of Yellowstone so you have a better understanding of what has happened with the extinction and reintroduction of these creatures.

Below are some sites to visit:
The Total Yellowstone Page
Yellowstone National Park wildlife - wolves

Along with these 2 sites, you can also type "wolves of yellowstone" to get more web pages.


Step 2:
In this step, you will have to find a partner and choose one of the following wolf packs to track over the course of their re-introduction into Yellowstone National Park. The packs are as followed:

  • Absaroka Pack
  • Beartooth Pack
  • Chief Joseph Pack
  • Cougar Pack
  • Druid Peak Pack
  • Gravelly Pack
  • Gros Ventre Pack
  • Leopold Pack
  • Lone Wolves
  • Mill Creek Pack
  • Mollie's (Crystal Creek) Pack
  • Nez Perce
  • Rose Creek Pack
  • Sheep Mountain Pack
  • Sunlight Basin Pack
  • Swan Lake Pack
  • Taylor Peak Pack
  • Teton Pack
  • Washakie
  • Yellowstone Delta (Soda Butte) Pack
  • You will need to record the number of wolves there are in each pack (divided into male and female), the of alphas there are, and the location.

    Step 3:
    Now that you have become more familiar with your packs, you will have to put together a presentation for your fellow coligues, the class, to show the progress your pack has had since its re-introduction. You must show us, on a topographical map, where the pack is located and if it has moved since re-introduction. Also you need to show the number of males and females present in the pack. And finally, you need to state whether you think the re-introduction of this pack in to the environment has been benificial to the park.

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