Inquiry based science and inquiry based learning is a combination of a couple different theories. These theories are contructivism, Blooms taxonomy of learning, multiple intelligences, whole-language and accelerated learning. Inquiry based science is more of an approach to learning rather than a simple method or process.

This approach enhances the learning experience of the students by getting them involved in the work, allowing the students to communicate in many different ways, and to become a scientist in their own process of learning. When we decide to use the children's curiosity, the learning becomes more meaningful for them because of their involvement. By creating a learning process and a curriculum that is imbedded with the student's curiosity and willingness to learn activates the development of knowledge better than the traditional way of learning.

In the very first assignment I said that "in some way, shape, or form we are always doing science in the classroom and whenever you learn.  The idea of science is all about the idea of discovering and finding new things to you." There is no better way to describe what inquiry based science is than this statemenet. But the most important part of the quote is the part of finding new things to you. What I mean by that is to try and find new ways for you to discover things by participating and being invited into the learning process and not just observing it.
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