"Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error."
-Thomas Jefferson

Looking at our assignments and the process that we have gone through this semester, the one thing that i have realized is the importance of giving the students a process for hands on method of science. We as teachers need to give the students the opportunity to succeed and flourish doing so. Inquiry based science is the best way to do this, in science.

Looking at the first assignment of what is science; I had said “When I first started to think about science, I quickly came to the idea of a person performing experiments in a lab coat, using beakers, and different acids and what not.   I guess that is my stereotypical idea of what science is.  But the more I thought about the idea of science; I began to realize that science is the process in which we learn.”  For me, this cannot be more correct.  The process by which students are able to learn under their own accord and by creating self directed experiments is when the students learn the most.

Assignment 2 was a little bit harder for me to look at in respects to Inquiry based science because I found that this assignment is about what you will be studying, not how.  Although I could incorporate how I will be studying the different topics, I found that it was a little bit harder to look at.  But within this assignment, I still brought the idea of Inquiry based science into the write up when I stated:

“To me, science is one of the single most important subjects that a student an be taught.  The students that learn how to use observation, analysis, effectively communicate, question, and hypothesize and every other step of the inquiry method are setting themselves up for success.   What students do not understand is that when they learn, they are instinctively performing the Inquiry Method.   It is very important to get them curious about their surroundings and the way to approach different problems.”

This shows that it is important for the students to be introduces and for the students to use the inquiry based method to help them be more involved in their own learning.

The last two assignments were where I think it is important for us to show how we are able to include inquiry based science into our curriculum.  The lesson that I decided to use for the third assignment has to do with the different levels of the food chain.  Although this does not seem like an inquiry based lesson, the students are able to perform their own experiments and discover for themselves the meaning of the experiment. For the forth assignment, I was able to use it as a way to try inquiry based science on my students.  Although I had to use some worksheets and do a lot of talking about the process of learning the atoms and Periodic Table of Elements, I was able to have the students direct the questions and help to answer each other’s questions.  This is important because it allows the students to interact with each other and come to their own conclusions instead of looking at the teacher for the answer. 

© 2008 Christopher Kotila