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This webquest is to be used with an astronomy unit or used in the pollution unit.

The teacher begins by explaining the terms of light and pollution. You can choose however you want to bring up the idea of lights and pollution, but the students must understand the concepts in order for the webquest to be effective. Explain the importance of keeping our nations clean and include with that the sky (something that might work would be a story about being able to see the sky when you are in the country and the lack of stars when you are in the city). When thinking of how to put together the lecture for this unit, I would use something that is similar to this. This one is derived straight from


Once the topic has been covered successfully, allow the students to go online and begin to look up light pollution. Let them discover the importance of preventing light pollution as well as allowing them to see the different maps and images that are associated with light pollution.
Once the students has successfully created the presentations, have them present them. Once completed, have the students write a persuasive essay stating whether they feel that light pollution is a negative topic, or if they feel that light pollution is not a huge idea. The students must be able to support their position.


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