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Step 1:
Before you begin, you must become knowledgeable on the subject of light pollution. Look around the World Wide Web (www) and familiarize yourself with the effects of light pollution and what can be done to become "dark sky friendly". Here are some links to get you started:
In Search of Darkness - California Connection
Starry Night Lights
Ecology of the Night


Step 2:

Within this step you need to take the knowledge from step 1 and use it to create your presentation. You may work alone or you may choose a partner. Using the above map, you must now show the difference of light pollution since the 1970's. You may use the entire U.S.A. or you can break it down to selected regions. You may find different regional maps at Education Place or by typing in "outline of the United States" at Google. You will have to include the map and a table or chart saying how you broke down the different amounts of light pollution. If you need help you can find an example for Italy at Light Pollution in Italy.

Step 3:

Now that you have familiarized yourself with light pollution and created your map, you are ready to create your presentation. Within the presentation, you must include at least one type of graph showing the information you have discovered. Within your presentation you might want to touch on the reasons why light pollution is negative, the causes, and what can be done to prevent light pollution. Your presentation must be a minimum of 10 min.
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