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"We cannot win this battle to save species and environments without forging an emotional bond between ourselves and nature as well —for we will not fight to save what we do not love."
  Stephen Jay Gould (1942-2002)
Harvard Biologist

.All of us use light in some way. We use it to read, walk around, work, and even to see. But what we don't know is that the light that is misdirected and misused are sent up into the air in what is called light pollutoin. Light pollution is the excess of light that is created by humans. It can effect many things. Some of the impacts can be seen in the following:

  • disrupts ecosystems
  • cause adverse health effects
  • dissrupt stargazing in the cities
  • impacts the stars for observatories
You have been hired by National Park Servieces to create a presentation about the adverse effects of light pollution on our dark skies. Your job is to persuade a board of important people about the depleating night skies and why they are important. You must be well versed in the idea of light pollution and be ready to answer the board's questions about the topic.
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