Earth Power
Earth Power

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Founded in 1968, Earth Power was created by Thomas J. Fletcher, aged forty-seven at the time. It began in Abbotsford, Wisconsin, when Thomas J. Fletcher visualized a long career in compost. Eventually, that vision became Earth Power, and from those humble beginnings, Earth Power has evolved into a large company.

In its forty-two years of prestigious history, Earth Power has been repeatedly recognized as a leading force in the compost business, racing ahead of other companies through hard work, ingenious sales tactics, and competitive pricing. Since its beginning, Earth Power has begun to branch out and now sells wildflower seeds as well as compost. The company is still waiting to observe the results of this new business venture.

Despite the death of Thomas J. Fletcher, aged seventy-eight in 1999 Earth Power has continued to succeed, becoming ever more respected in the compost business community.

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