SC07S3C1PO1 - Analyze environmental risks (e.g., pollution, destruction of habitat) caused by human interaction with biological or geological systems.
SC07S3C1PO3 – Propose possible solutions to address the environmental risks in biological or geological systems.
SC07S3C2PO1 – Propose viable methods of responding to an identified need or problem
SC07S3C2PO2 – Compare solutions to best address an identified need or problem.


Social Studies
SS07S4C1PO1 - Construct maps, charts, and graphs to display geographic information.
SS07S4C4PO1 - Discuss the implications of the demographic structure of places and regions.
SS07S4C5PO1 - Identify the physical processes (e.g., conservation of natural resources, mining, water distribution in Arizona) that influence the formation and location of resources.
SS07S4C5PO2 - Describe the consequences of natural hazards (e.g., Dust Bowl hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes).
SS07S4C5PO3 - Describe how humans modify environments (e.g., conservation, deforestation, dams) and adapt to the environment.
SS07S4C5PO4 - Describe the positive and negative outcomes of human modification on the environment.
SS07S4C5PO6 - Describe the ways human population growth can affect environments and the capacity of environments to support populations.


WO7S1C1 - Prewriting includes using strategies to generate, plan, and organize ideas for specific purposes.
WO7S1C2 - Drafting incorporates prewriting activities to create a first draft containing necessary elements for a specific purpose.
WO7S1C3 - Revising includes evaluating and refining the rough draft for clarity and effectiveness. (Ask: Does this draft say what you want it to say?)
WO7S1C4 - Editing includes proofreading and correcting the draft for conventions.
WO7S2C1 - Writing is clear and focused, holding the reader’s attention throughout. Main ideas stand out and are developed by strong support and rich details. Purpose is accomplished.
WO7S2C2 - Organization addresses the structure of the writing and integrates the central meaning and patterns that hold the piece together.
WO7S3C6 - Research writing is a process in which the writer identifies a topic or question to be answered. The writer locates and evaluates information about the topic or question, and then organizes, summarizes, and synthesizes the information into a finished product