This Web Quest can be used as a stand alone unit for pollution or it can be woven into anything that is related to the environment and/or pollution.  

Before this activity can be started the students would have had to go through a series or lessons that have to do with pollution.  The students must know the different forms of pollution, pollutants, the sources and causes, the effects pollution has on us and the environment and a lot more.  I have listed a brief outline of a unit that could be done for pollution.  The outline is from  

  1. History
    1. Prehistory
    2. Ancient cultures
    3. Middle Ages
    4. Official acknowledgement
    5. Modern awareness
  2. Forms of pollution
  3. Pollutants
  4. Sources and causes
  5. Effects
    1. Human health
    2. Ecosystems
  6. Regulation and monitoring
  7. Pollution control
    1. Pollution control devices
  8. Perspectives
  9. Greenhouse gases and global warming
  10. References
  11. External links

Once the topic has been covered successfully, allow the students to go online and begin to look up information about the layout of cities as well as buildings that cause pollution.  Let them discover the importance of preventing pollution as well as allowing them to see the different effects it has on the environment as well as humans.

Once the students have successfully created the presentations, have them present it to the entire class.  With each presentation the students should be critically looking at the other’s work as well as their own.  This will do very well for the student’s critique paper about pollution, the process of building a city and the relationship between the two.