Step 1:
Come together and get into groups of 2.  When you are in your groups, you are to come up with all the key terms and definitions that are related to pollution. Also, become up to date on your environment and pollution problems and questions at the following websites.

  1. Environmental Protection Agency
  2. Score Card
  3. Tiki the Penguin
  4. Sprawl City

Step 2:
Once you have working out the vocabulary and definition for pollution, begin to do research on laying out a city, especially in SimCity.  Also at this point, you should begin to get acquainted with the game of SimCity 4.  Begin to perform the tutorials to understand how to build a city, make money, and how to lay out your city.  A good website for this would be


Step 3:
During this step you will play SimCity 4 and create a city.  In this step you have to accomplish a couple different things.  First you must begin to build your city. As you build your city, one person must draw a grid system of your city and label all of the major buildings.  At the beginning, middle, and end of the game take a picture of your air and water pollution.  To take a picture you hold FN and press PRT SC.  Or you can just hit Print Screen. 


Step 4:
As you build your city watch what happens to your environmental meter. 

Step 5:
Once you have built a profitable city or have been kicked out of office, reflect on your experience of building your city and the kinds of buildings that you used.  Begin to create your presentation to the rest of your class.  Remember that your presentation must answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of city do you have?
  2. How does it affect the environment around it (Positive or Negative)?
  3. Were you a successful mayor?
  4. What could you have done differently to improve your city?

Step 6:
After you have hear the presentations, write a reflective essay that looks at the process, what have you learned, and what could you do to help your real city to help reduce pollution.  Also touch on what you can do in your own home to reduce your carbon foot print and some goals to help you to reduce your carbon foot print. 


Step 7:
With these goals in mind go to Earth Day Network Footprint and complete your footprint.  See if it has changed from the beginning of the unit.